How long will one last?

It really depends on how often you use it! But one can last up to 1 month! We tend to use ours on the go, in the office and of course after meals, one month is our average usage time!

Do I need to use toothpaste?

Branch Brush has all the properties that toothpaste has, but ALL NATURAL! So you do not need any toothpaste! (Hallelujah!!) However sometimes we like to dip our brush in coconut oil for some extra shine and coconutty taste!

What about the single use plastic it comes wrapped in?

We are as bummed about the single use plastic as you guys are! We are trying our hardest to find a solution to this problem! However, there is an awesome company called EcoBricks who collect single use plastics and turn them into BRICKS! Those bricks are then used to build schools in countries such as Brazil, South Africa and many more! So for now, our suggestion is that once you've collected 10 Branch Brush single-use plastics, send them to us at...

Branch Brush 

6 St Georges Circus



How do you use it?

You simply pick off the outer layer of bark which will reveal your (soon-to-be) brush! Then simply loosen the fibres by chewing it VERY SLIGHTLY and then get brushing! For more information check our 'How To' page or Instagram story!

My Branch Brush went mouldy?!

Please remember that Branch Brush is an organic product! This means, its a living and growing toothbrush! This means we cannot guarantee or foresee when it will go mouldy. To ensure longevity make sure you, store in cool dry place, keep our of direct sunlight.

Is this verified or recognised product?

YES! Branch Brush is approved by the World Health Organisations and is recommended by dentists around the world. It is used more commonly by communities in Africa east and west Africa and the Middle East as their ONLY form of oral hygiene.

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